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I had no idea how this little page would turn out Ö I still donít think itís turned out as well as I wanted it to. But, I did it myself for you and thatís the most important thing I guess. I really just wanted to wish you a very happy Anniversary, itís been 5 years Diane!! We have known each other so much longer though. I love you so much and I know I have my funny ways that may show you otherwise, but I do love you very very much Diane, in so many ways. I am so glad we were able to meet up and communicate in this lifetime, sometimes life throws us little obstacles, but we seem to be getting over most of them most of the time. We are friends forever sweetheart, lovers a very close second. It takes two to love Ö. I also know it takes two to make love Ö. So please know I AM trying to be a very good friend first, for you Diane.


All this time Iíve been telling you that I wanted to do something special Ö. Iíve been going out into the garden looking for so many nice flowers to give you! I wish so much I could actually GIVE them to you Ö. But I canít Ö. So I figured I could still go through all the motions and effort of going out there and picking and choosing them, bringing them inside and looking after them for a few days, then arranging them nice and taking a shot of them and sharing them with you. The roses are off 3 different bushes and I picked them as buds and bought them inside to bloom. The straight green leaves at the back are from an English Box Hedge that I pour so much of my love into Ö I wanted to share that love with you. And the larger leaves that drape sideways, are off my beautiful mop top trees, right outside my back door. I so wish you could have received these flowers in person Ö so that I could hold you close to me Ö. Kiss you softly on your forehead and then sweetly on your lips Ö look into your eyes and say Ö